Our Project Managing structure can provide, install and run the following types of systems or facilities:

  • control cabinets and systems based on PLC architecture
  • control cabinets and systems based on DCS architecture
  • control cabinets and systems based on ESD architecture (according to IEC SIL – fully redundant)
  • control cabinets and systems based on single loop controllers
  • analysis cabinets and systems (liquids or gases)
  • control cabinets and systems
  • d mounted systems for liquids or gases
  • Field electronic or pneumatic instrumentation
  • Manual Valves, On/Off Valves, Control Valves, Safety Valves
  • Voltage Regulators / Controllers (AVRs), excitation system for synchronous generators or automatic systems for the network connection (parallel) of rotating machines (turbines)
  • speed controllers for turbines (water or steam turbines)

For all the supplied equipment, we can provide after_sales service and contracts for scheduled or emergency maintenance.


We develop automation and control systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) of the main manufacturer. TNC TECNOCONSULTING developed applications with PLC systems ranging from the simplest to the most complex, PC-based PLC and soft-PLC, suitable to work also in aggressive environments or in explosion-risk areas. We have a deep knowledge of the most common Safety Related applications till IEC SIL3 grade systems (fault tolerant – fully redundant).


As well as per PLC Systems, TNC TECNOCONSULTING it is always updating its know_how and application developing. Than ,from several years, we have the experience to engineer the industrial process using DCS Systems . Through “state_of_the_art” and last generations DCS systems (built by the main world manufacturer) we can manage : diagnostic systems, managing interface systems, optimization and process control systems. Starting from the P&Ids, TNC TECNOCONSULTING can realize Distributed Control Systems with a continuous presence on the site, till the fully start_up and Final Customer acceptance.