Following our experience and related to the above mentioned types of plants , our capabilities permit to us to propose the following services:

Mechanical Engineering

  • Vessels, pressure devices and structures engineering
  • Racks and supporting engineering
  • Devices and apparatus data sheets
  • Pipes dimensioning
  • Sketches with cross interference
  • Bill of materials for purchasing or manufacturing
  • Dimensioning and calculations about vessels or carpentry
  • Dimensioning and calculations about valves
  • Preparation of tender documents or works
  • Plants and devices certifications or documentation
  • Related assistance or supervision

Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering

  • P&Id developing
  • Instruments specification (data sheets) developing
  • Cables lists, specification and routing developing
  • Wiring diagrams developing (general and detailed)
  • JB specifications and wiring diagram
  • Loop diagrams developing
  • hook_ups developing (electrical and instrumentation)
  • MTO electrical and instrumentation developing
  • general or detail specification about control systems (for tenders or for assembling) both for PLC , DCS or ESD
  • Control Strategy and Narrative developing
  • Application SW developing on the major international hardware manufacturer
  • Site Assistance and start_up
  • System engineering about (SIS) control system following IEC 61508

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