TNC TECNOCONSULTING has been operating many years in basic chemical industry, in generic pharmaceutical production and in petrochemical industry for production of polymers as well.

We support customers in the development of electrical and mechanical engineering of the plants, in writing documents starting from Process Flow Diagram and P&Ids, in coordinating work-site activities and in start-up assistance.


Our story starts in the Venice Refinery at the beginnings of eighties and our actual personnel developed in these years INSTRUMENTAL and MECHANICAL know_how and capabilities related to treatment, refining and storage plants with crude and/or heavy oil. Moreover we worked on Natural Gas treatment, pumping and distribution plants.
WE could work together or under the control of final customers, engineering companies, EPC contractors, OEM, installation and maintenance companies, offering our services locally or in different sites located all over the world.
OUR goal and our PHILOSOPHY is to be always in direct contact with our customers internationally.


We developed a solid experience in control and monitoring systems for electricity generating stations:
thermoelectric power plants equipped only with gas turbine or only with steam turbine and cogeneration plants as well; about this we have the know_how to handle also the maintenance of the SW and of the electrical equipment and instrumentation.
Thermoelectric power plants:
TNC TECNOCONSULTING supplies control systems for thermoelectric power plants with steam turbine and gas turbine, as well as for plants using energy-steam combined cycles.
The plant supervision system implemented by TNC TECNOCONSULTING covers turbo-generators, heaters, heat_recovery systems, super-heaters, cooling towers, auxiliary plants, fumes analysis, electricity and gas cabinets, etc..