COMPANIES NOT ALWAYS COME FROM NOTHING. US, for example, we form our technical and commercial experience "on the edge" of the industrial Area of Porto Marghera and we begin to operate as TNC TECNOCONSULTING since 1997.

Porto Marghera, industrial area known worldwide for facilities and cutting-edge technology in the chemical and petrochemical sector, can draw on a wealth of technical, industrial and commercial first-class.

Much of the specialized personnel trained in this area at the turn of the year 80-90, is "repositioning" following in structures such as that of TNC TECNOCONSULTING , offering the market the design and manufacture of automation systems and control, agile, competitive and high Know_how content.

TNC TECNOCONSULTING , from 1997 onwards, knew, more than other realities, to diversify their areas of interest (both technological and geographical) approaching different markets, customers and opportunities.

From more than fifteen years we can proudly state that we could offer to our partners, customers and vendors :

  • capabilities and know_how
  • availability
  • flexibility
  • timeliness
  • competitiveness
  • reliability